Coding Denial Management Service is a cost-effective solution for revenue recovery to ensure that appropriate payment is received for services provided. We relieve you from the inconveniences of Medical Coding & Billing with our exceptional Medical Coders and Innovative Technology. A bunch of experts at Coding By Weft enables you to minimize the mistakes and enhance the process of billing and have an influence on your net profit.

Denied Claims Are Lost Money

Denied claims are always lost funds, especially when claims never get resubmitted. Sorting through the thousands of denial reasons to identify and correct errors is time-consuming and costly. We provide 24/7 support for our esteemed clients and also helps in getting your work done quickly and accurately. Administrative staffs are often ill-equipped or lack the time to tackle the task.

Coding By Weft’s Denial Management

In Coding By Weft’s experience, expertise and price structure provide a cost-effective solution for revenue recovery and ensure that appropriate payment is received for services provided. We have the ability to meet your needs and will efficiently and cost-effectively identify and correct errors, allowing you to collect the money you are owed. Our denials team is always committed to improving your coding-related Denial Management process so you can free up cash and increase revenues.

Expert Coding Professionals

Coding By Weft’s denial management process uses a highly efficient workflow and process, which includes top certified expert coding professionals. Outsourcing your denial management to Coding By Weft will help you increase income, reduce lost reimbursements and maximize your ability to collect unpaid claims.