Exact medical coding is essential in confirming compliance and protecting revenue integrity. Coding Compliance Audit Services help you identify and notice existing errors in your clinical documentation and coding processes by delivering the best coding audits in Dubai.

Accurate medical coding is vital in confirming compliance and protecting revenue integrity. A completely accurate review of coding is essential to Identify the potential coding compliance risks and stop coding related denials to maximizing the revenue efficiency. Identify & Rectify Mistakes before they find it.

The mistakes made by people in usual coding impede your cash flow. We at Coding By Weft offers a comprehensive accuracy review of your current coding process, which will identify mistakes and help prevent future coding-related denials.

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting :

Our expert auditors are compliant with the latest coding guidelines and updations to ensure that audits are accurate, consistent, and comprehensive. Audits will complete and generate report typically in 3 weeks. Also, we can provide provider and staff education tailored to meet your needs as desired.

Provide Fast & Actionable Result:

Coding By Weft use ProAudit software, with a proprietary application developed to streamline and standardize audits; and provide audit results that are actionable and easy to understand. ProAuditor, along with our expert auditors, provides a powerful combination to help identify corrective actions, and provide support and training to make them happen. We offer chart audits to any size organization, from stand-alone physician clinics to multi-site hospital facilities.